ALT  (Ambitious Ladies in Tech) is  a mentor network that endeavours to help women in technology startups achieve their career goals through coaching, skills development and networking.

While there are many great initiatives to get women into technology, we believe more needs to be done to make sure talented women are appropriately recognised, rewarded and compensated. ALT endeavours to give extra structure and guidance to ambitious ladies who want and deserve to be promoted up.

The network matches each mentee with two senior mentors (one woman and one man) in the same function (eg. sales, operations, marketing, engineering etc) across some of the world's leading technology companies (including Facebook, Google, Airbnb, FarFetch, Deliveroo, Funding Circle and Citymapper to name a few).

In addition, ALT hosts a series of masterclasses, workshops and events to provide additional skills development, coaching and networking opportunities.

ALT launched in October 2016 and now counts over 120 mentees and 200 mentors in its network. It's always recruiting more members so if you're interested, please apply! 

Rules for membership:

  1. Mentors will meet with mentees once a month. Meetings will last one hour and are to be arranged at least three weeks in advance. Meetings to be held at the convenience of the mentor (ie. time/place to suit them).
  2. Mentees should have no more than 5 years work experience and preferably less than 2 years experience in a startup.
  3. Mentors should have at least five years work experience in a technology startup.
  4. No CEOs - sorry, you’re a special case ;)
  5. Minimum 12 month commitment.